​What can it do for you ?

Put simply, Quick Switch Therapy allows you to disconnect from emotional baggage.  As quickly as flipping a switch you can reduce the effects of a variety of issues. From daily stress to past traumas or something in between, QS Therapy provides very rapid and lasting relief.


Some of the advantages of using QS therapy are ...


  • It works incredibly fast.

  • It is self directed, you choose what to work on.

  • Chemical and substance free.

  • Not faith based, no beliefs are required for effectiveness.

  • No need to relive traumatic events or face the object of your fear/phobia.

  • We will teach you techniques for dealing with future distresses.


What is PTFT ?

Progressive Thought Field Therapy (PTFT) is a modality of psychosensory therapy that quickly reduces emotional distress caused by a variety of issues, such as trauma, addiction, phobias, fear, food cravings, pain, anxiety, grief and more. Progressive TFT is an enhanced version of the original TFT, refined by Kevin Laye, a Harley Street therapist, of London. TFT was originally developed by Dr. Roger Calahan in the 1980's. It is also known as "tapping" and has proven to be highly effective worldwide.


What can you expect during a session?

Relief, it works really well. A typical session is twenty minutes to an hour. We will begin with a Q&A series to clarify your needs, and determine which approach is to best suited for you.  At no point during the session are you required to relive a trauma or openly talk about sensitive or personal details. We then work the specific tapping sequences and provide you with the relief you seek.

What do we do?

We are private practitioners of PTFT, helping people cope with emotional distresses of all sorts. Through private sessions and public workshops, we want to bring our services to as many people as possible.


We have combined our personal experiences with a variety of traditional and unconventional education.  This combination has created our own spin on PTFT we call Quick Switch Therapy.


Why do we do it?

Having coped with our own difficult issues throughout our lives, we both hit an apex of struggle in 2004.  As luck would have it (or divine intervention if you please) we found each other at the moment of our greatest challenges in life.  From that point forward we have worked diligently to find answers and solutions to to make life easier and reduce the trauma of those circumstances.  After a lifetime of learning and observing, we want to bring our gathered resources to everyone we meet.


Who are we?


We are a married couple trained and certified in Progressive Thought Field Therapy.  Trained by Kevin Laye in PTFT and certified by the MCPA; Meta Changework Practitioners Association.