Gain control over eating urges and learn how to establish new habits.  Take the first steps towards living a healthier life.

Sessions are 90 minutes.



Session Price......... $175.00

Food Cravings


If the issue you want to address is not listed, please contact us.  We will consider each on a case by case basis.


For special sessions, please contact us via email prior to scheduling an appointment.

Individual Session

Provide rapid relief from cravings without the use of nicotene replacements.  Also learn techniques to help ease anxieties associated with addiction.

Sessions are 60 minutes.


Session Price......... $195.00

Treat emotional distress stemming from trauma, phobias, fear, pain, anxiety, grief, love loss.  Sessions are 50 minutes and multiple issues may be addressed in a single session.

Session Price........... $150.00


Individual Session
Nicotene Addiction


Individual Sessions


Standard sessions are 45 minutes, multiple issues may be addressed per session. Nicotene addiction and food craving sessions are 60 minutes and require a full session to itself.


After sheduling an appointment, you will receive a confirmation  email including documents to fill out and return.  This information is strictly used to prepare for your appointment and is kept completely private.

Quick Switch Services
Public Workshops


Public Workshop Schedule Coming Soon !




Venues will vary so please use the calendar below to view our upcoming engagements dates and locations.  If you have any questions please contact us.  If you would like a private workshop for your business, group or family please contact us and we can discuss in further depth.


Public Workshops are typically 60 minutes plus 30 minutes of Q&A after the presentation.